Puppy of the Month

Bear is a 6 month-old Labradoodle.


Favorite Activity:
Joining the family for rides in the van.


Life's Ambition:
To wear all the shoes she has stolen.


Favorite Socialization Spot:
The children's bus stop.


OS Certified Trainer™:
Patti Hight of WOOFS! Dog Training Center LLC.

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Soc 101

Welcome to the SOC 101 section of our website. Check back with us frequently as we will continue to add more articles that will help you socialize and train your puppy.

SOC 101

SOC Q & A Find the answers to questions about puppy socialization, training and development that all puppy owner’s should know.
Why We ♥ Targeting Learn how targeting can help your puppy learn to be calm in the face of something exciting, become comfortable with something he finds scary, and more.
Interpreting Your Puppy’s Body Language An easy-to-use guide that will help you determine if your puppy is having a Loves it, Just OK or Hates It reaction to something or someone new.
NEW! Socialization Myths We give you the real scoop on a lot of misinformation out there regarding socialization.
NEW! Socialization When Your Puppy Is Sick Great ideas on how to continue socializing your puppy when he is contagious and can't be around other dogs.
NEW! Socialization Sleepovers We explain why it is important for puppies to spend time away from home while they are young and give you tips on how to make the most of your puppy’s sleepover experiences.
NEW! Why Punishment Is So Yesterday Information about the very real pitfalls of punishment and why its use is out-dated and unnecessary.