Puppy of the Month

Bear is a 6 month-old Labradoodle.


Favorite Activity:
Joining the family for rides in the van.


Life's Ambition:
To wear all the shoes she has stolen.


Favorite Socialization Spot:
The children's bus stop.


OS Certified Trainer™:
Patti Hight of WOOFS! Dog Training Center LLC.

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About OS for Dog Trainers

Operation Socialization is a program that promotes early socialization education while giving R+ trainers a marketing advantage.

Happy puppy wearing OS bandanna

Becoming an OS Certified Trainer™ strengthens your brand, your impact with clients, and your bottom line.

As an OS Certified Trainer™ You Get...

Enhancements to your puppy class/training curriculum. Get our 6-week socialization protocol, complete with professionally designed materials (Puppy Passport and full set of handouts) and an e-newsletter for puppy owners that complements the protocol and helps your clients stay on track.

Step-by-step marketing instructions on how to use OS to your business advantage. We know how you feel about marketing, so we have removed the hassle—and the squirm factor—with easy-to-follow steps and language ready for you to use.

A way to stand apart from the competition as an expert in puppy training and development. How many of your competitors offer puppy classes and puppy training? We’re guessing most of them. Your membership with OS gives potential clients a reason to pick you over others.

More word-of-mouth referrals. OS gives you a great way to build a referral network with local dog-friendly businesses—and the perfect reason for doing so. You’re no longer asking businesses to display your brochure out of the goodness of their hearts; you are offering a mutually beneficial relationship.

What We're Looking For

Highly skilled, experienced dog trainers who use positive reinforcement training methods form the core of Operation Socialization™.

If that's you, we need you on-board.

How OS Works

Socialization is a big job, which is why many puppy owners simply let it slide. We make the process easy and accessible for them—and for you to manage.

alt A puppy owner finds you through our network and contacts you to learn more about your services, rates and availability.
alt The puppy owner enrolls in one of your puppy classes or buys a private training package.
alt You use our Socialization Success™ tools such as Puppy Passports, bandannas and Handouts to enhance your curriculum.
alt Your clients follow the socialization protocol outlined in their Puppy Passport, which includes your recommendations. They visit Socialization Destinations (local OS business members) and track progress.
alt Once a puppy owner completes your training program and Puppy Passport, you sign their Completion Verification Form, available on our site. The client mails the form to us and we send them a Socialization Success Certificate.

Membership Benefits

  • A listing on
  • New! Easily set up your Socialization Destination Network with 10 free, one-year business memberships to award.
  • New! A one-hour, start-up phone consult.
  • A Dog Trainer Action Kit including:
    Passport pages previewDog Trainer Action Kit

    • 30 Puppy Passports and bandannas for client use. See passport samples.
    • The Socialization Success CD: Professionally designed and written handouts for your clients with room for your modifications.
    • The Professional Socialization Guide CD: Tips on how to integrate OS into your curriculum, how to use OS to market yourself, and how to enlist business members. Written by the experts at dog*tec. New! Now including the seven-week Socialization Success Curriculum Enhancement.
    • 150 Socialization Success for Puppy Owners brochures with a spot for your business card.
    • 30 Become a Socialization Destination (for dog-friendly businesses) brochures with a spot for your contact information.
  • New! The opportunity to write for the OS Blog.
  • Coming soon! Easy online shopping for additional OS materials.
  • Quarterly e-newsletter with tips and marketing ideas.
  • On-going support from Ariana Kincaid, OS President.


  • First-year membership fee is $325.
  • Renewal membership fee is $200 (includes one Dog Trainer Action Kit).

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