Puppy of the Month

Bear is a 6 month-old Labradoodle.


Favorite Activity:
Joining the family for rides in the van.


Life's Ambition:
To wear all the shoes she has stolen.


Favorite Socialization Spot:
The children's bus stop.


OS Certified Trainer™:
Patti Hight of WOOFS! Dog Training Center LLC.

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What OS Can Do For Businesses


Bring More Potential Customers to Your Store

The Pet Industry is booming. There are 75 million dogs in America—and we spend more than $45 billion annually on services and products for them. Clearly, dogs have become an integral part of the family.

Through our nationwide network of dog trainers committed to safe, early and effective socialization of puppies, we can send dog owners in your community to your business.window decal

And like their furry kids, dog owners are loyal. They come back and they tell their friends.


Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Dog owners are passionate about their dogs and always on the lookout for places where dogs are welcome. Boost your brand and profile in the community by identifying yourself as a puppy-friendly location.

Operation Socialization Destination window decals get people's attention. Even non-dog people will be curious; many will come in to find out more. And to local dog owners, you'll become a well-known spot.

Provide a Valuable Community Service

ruckus and buck playingEarly socialization (getting out and about in the world) is critical to the process of raising friendly, happy, safe adult dogs.

You can help.

By becoming an Operation Socialization member, you give puppy owners the chance to expose their puppy to your type of business environment in a relaxed and positive way. And puppies with a big stockpile of positive experiences become confident, easygoing adult dogs.